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Zerres family company was founded in 1919 and in the course of its history has developed from a supplier of sports and men’s trousers to one of the top suppliers of fashionable ladies’ trousers.
Each year over 2 million pairs of trousers leave their factories.

Their staff do not work for ZERRES, they are ZERRES. They are the heart which beats for trousers with each step. We live trousers. Anew, every day we fine tune top quality, perfect fit and a strong value of money ratio of the ZERRES trousers.
The longstanding partnership with weaving mills in Europe guarantees a consistently high material quality. However caring for the fit of our trousers enjoys top priority.

With passion for the perfect fit and the attention to detail, they create trousers of the highest standard.
Zerres love and live trousers. Fashionably up to date at a high quality standard, in perfect fit and silhouette and with a value for money ratio which can’t be beaten. All passion for the product and the attention to detail cater to how a self-assured woman feels life. A woman who craves to be fashionable without chasing after every short lived hype, and who above all can cherish the quality of working and the selection of the high quality materials.

Our fit system guarantees that our trousers have a perfect fit and the wearing comfort which our customers value so highly. We offer every woman the trousers that fit.

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