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Renes was established in 1955 when England was still bearing scars from a world war, Churchill was still in office and housewives queued on chilly pavements with their ration books…

The 50’s changed and shaped fashion forever as the 50’s moved Britain from the austerity of the 1940’s to the prosperity of the 1960’s.  Style and spending was developed.  1950’s glamour arrived and naturally so did Renes….the rest is history!

The first shop was established in 1955 by Irene Newby along with her daughter Pamela and soon to follow Brenda, more shops followed thereafter, finally residing on King Street in Lancaster spanning three floors with a quadruple frontage.  Renes adourned the latest fashion and bridalwear in the region.  Ask any local girl and you can guarantee Renes is where they bought their wedding dress  or first teen outfit.  It was so popular during Sale times  that a queue formed around the shop before opening time.

Over the years Renes has never lost its pizzazz and is now based on Common Garden Street in Lancaster which is a stones throw away from the original King Street store.

The business is still very much a family run affair with Amanda & Tiffany taking the business forward over the coming years.

At Renes we still very much embrace that “Personal Shopping Experience” and “Personal Touch”.  A service that is ever diminishing in shops around the world,  but we are proud to say we still have.

Something that, we know,  is very much welcome locally. We care about our Customers and how they feel. We want them to walk out of our shop having had a “wonderful” shopping experience and feel a million dollars too!

Amanda & Tiffany would very much like to thank all our loyal customers who have supported Renes throughout the last 66 years and hope that support and loyalty continues over the coming years. Long may it last.