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Our Mission 




In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

At Renes we’re on a mission to spread more kindness, not only to you, our wonderful customers. But also towards our planet. Being a part of the fashion industry, it is key for us try and incorporate collections and brands that follow in the steps towards a sustainable future.

We’re making conscious choices when curating our collections seasonally.

To ensure we’re doing our part for the environment we aim to incorporate sustainable pieces from each of our designer collections where possible.

Look out for our sustainable badges marked on products across the website. Our way of making shopping consciously, easier.

Shop Sustainable

Our brands sustainability:
Made from natural fibres and recycled materials, Ethically sourced materials and practices, Protection of Animals, FSC®-certified, GOTS-Certified (Global Organic Textile Standard), BCI (Better Cotton Incentive)

Meet our Brands



Cocoa Cashmere is all about high quality and animal well being.

All of their cashmere is 100% ethically sourced from their own Alpaca Farms in Inner Mongolia.

Every garment from Cocoa Cashmere originates from Cocoa Farm, a collective of 78 herding families that are located in Alashan (Alxa League).  The climate in Alashan’s steppe is unique and aids towards the production of their consistently high quality cashmere goat fibre.

“In order to achieve our strict fibre quality demands that goes into every Cocoa Cashmere garment, we hold a long standing relationship with the goat herders of Cocoa Farm”.


Discover the wonderful collection of Cocoa Cashmere.


Two Danes pride themselves on creating beautiful, quality and timeless pieces that are crafted from natural materials. Their collections are composed from materials such as bamboo, hemp and organic cotton.

Collections feature oversized styles, lightweight shirts, fabulous dresses, and stylish everyday pieces that feel dreamy to wear.  From plain staple styles to vibrant shades and bold prints.

“Creating clothes evolving from the Scandinavian minimalist aesthetics infused with a playful colour scheme and a graphic print style.
Staying true to the heritage of the brand. – Two Danes



The Masai Clothing Company is committed to thoughtfulness.

They create wonderful innovative styles that are favourites you can carry through your wardrobe season after season.

They became the first Danish brand to gain FSC Certification.
You can find more than 60% wood-based fibres in their collections, showcasing that they’re truly committed to protecting the world’s forest.

They approach the sourcing of fabrics for both their collections, paper articles and packaging sustainably. They have also established a partnership with the recognized environmental organization, Canopy.

Masai’s collection cover all bases, from timeless classics, to eye catching statement pieces. Unique styles and matching pieces throughout the collection will bring the story of Masai to life through your wardrobe.


Two Danes prides themselves on creating beautiful, quality and timeless pieces from natural materials.

Their collections are composed from materials such as Bamboo, Hemp, Organic Cotton.


RIANI has a vast commitment to sustainability and they do well and breaking down their sustainability efforts in various areas.

You may notice Riani products have these symbols on the brand tags.
Each symbol stands for a different avenue of sustainability that Riani are focussed on and committed to. They do this effectively and it avoids the  generalisation of their sustainable efforts.

For Example,

Loyal Partner:  This means they are maintaining longstanding and loyal relationships with their producers and suppliers in Germany or most of whom are situated in Europe.

Recycled Material: They make a conscious effort to use recycled cotton and polyester in collections where possible.

Eco-Friendly Material: When Riani are choosing their  fabric suppliers, they take careful consideration and  pays close attention to sustainable production. This guarantees things such as, a reduced use of heavy oil, the recycling of waste and the minimisation of CO2 emissions.
Riani is increasingly using fabrics and jerseys made of 100% lyocell, a fibre produced with purely organic solvents

Made in Germany: Riani is making more emphasis to focussing on producing and finished their products within Germany.

See the source image

“A Luxury Feeling – Every Day” – Rosemunde

Beautiful, timeless classic pieces consisting of luxurious silk dresses, feminine shirts,  light blouses and silk tops. A brand that is dedicated to making everyday wear, luxury.

Rosemunde have created a completely sustainable collection and you can find products made from materials such as recycled polyester, organic cotton and Ecovero.
We are focused on and committed to a more sustainable production. We always seek to increase the share of sustainable fabrics within our collection” – Rosemunde

A staple of Rosemunde’s is their silk tops range. Wonderfully soft and detailed pieces that are made from a blend of 70% silk and 30% cotton. Rosemunde say this combination helps to regulate your body temperature and allows the skin to breathe.




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Nachhaltige Mode von GERRY WEBER

Gerry Weber is making a conscious effort to push for sustainability within their production and making an effort to increase the amount of sustainable products in their collections.

I WEAR. I CARE. is committed to showcasing beautiful high quality clothing with a completely sustainable approach, treating resources, people plants and animals with respect.

“For the Spring/Summer Collection 2021 (March–May), we can proudly say that our GERRY WEBER styles are made of 52% sustainable materials” – Gerry Weber

Welche nachhaltigen Materialien verwendet GERRY WEBER?

“Alongside GOTS-certified organic cotton, the materials used in the collection include Lenzing EcoVero™ viscose, which is obtained from the renewable raw material wood”

The production of these fibres is extremely  gentle on resources and in total it results in 50% less emissions and water consumption when compared to generic viscose.

Sustainability English

Sustainability is no short-lived trend, it is an important investment in the future of our brand.
– Gerry Weber


To find out more about Gerry Weber’s sustainability please visit:

Renes Sustainability

You may noticed your purchases wrapped in our new gold and cream tissue paper!
Well, It is acid free, unglazed and made from wood pulp.  Along with our wonderful new recycled bags! – every step is important when considering sustainability and these small changes are just the start for us at Renes.